Mental health is extremely important to me. It's essential to learn about ourselves and understand that we have the answers within us, just like my cacti! The elephant symbolizes wisdom. There's a central character and numerous stories behind it, all of which are reflections of my own experiences. I depict pain as a cactus with an elephant inside. I don't usually explain my illustrations, but nothing is arbitrary. Each piece represents a challenge I've overcome. My goal is to provoke thought and perhaps help you find connections between my stories and your own.

Explore Your Inner Strength with the Cactus Collection

At times, life can be challenging and painful. But in those moments, it's important to remember that we are not alone. In this collection of cactus illustrations, pain is depicted as a cactus with an elephant inside. The elephant symbolizes the knowledge that we carry within us, just waiting to be unleashed. By surrounding yourself with the wisdom of the elephant cactus, you'll tap into your own inner strength and find the answers you seek.

Unleash Your Wisdom with the Elephant Cactus Illustration!

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind way to explore your own challenges and triumphs, this Collection of Cactus Illustrations is the perfect choice. Each cactus in this collection carries a unique message that is sure to resonate with you. Whether you're seeking to overcome pain or celebrate your own wisdom, there's a cactus in this collection that will speak to your heart. Like looking into a mirror, these illustrations offer a chance to reflect on your own experiences and find the answers within yourself.

By exploring these illustrations, you'll be reminded that there is always a way forward, and you'll find connections between your own experiences and the stories behind the art.

The collection will consist of only 30 NFTs, with the number 30 representing my birth date. Each cactus carries a unique message. It's like looking into a mirror. Never be afraid of the shadows. 

If you have an NFT from this collection then you will receive a special free NFT every May 30.